French Settlement Mayor’s Court offering amnesty

on outstanding warrants


Posted: On French Settlement’s Facebook and Website, December 11, 2014


Village of French Settlement:

French Settlement Mayor’s Court is offering an amnesty program for anyone with an outstanding warrant issued by French Settlement Mayor’s Court, beginning December 15, 2014 through February 15, 2015.


Hundreds of people with outstanding warrants are currently facing possible arrest. Mayor Toni Guitrau said the amnesty program will allow those who have an outstanding warrant to pay their fines and court costs at the original amount without the retribution of arrest or additional recall fees. This does not include fees they may owe to the Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV).


The amnesty program is an easy, economical way to resolve some of the backlog, and to give people an opportunity to avoid arrest. This amnesty program is only for warrants issued by French Settlement Mayor’s court and ends on February 15, 2015. These warrants are entered into a national database. If someone is stopped by law enforcement, and their driver’s license is checked using this database, they run the risk of being arrested if they have an outstanding warrant. Many people are not aware that the OMV is also notified nationwide and the person’s license is suspended until such time their warrant is recalled, and they pay fees with the OMV.


Persons wishing to pay their outstanding warrants may contact the French Settlement Town Hall at (225) 698-6100 during business hours Monday-Thursday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. If the office is closed leave a message and someone will return your call as soon as possible.